Ask IT

Self Service Portal


- Employees and students, click the button to create a new ticket.  Examples:  request access for new staff, report computer issues, have an inquiry, request system access.  Use Passport York to login.


Technician Login


- Log new tickets.

- Update and resolve old tickets.


Alternate Service Contacts

Env. Studies 8:30-4:30 Mon.-Fri. x66454
Faculty of Education 8:30-4:30 Mon.-Fri. x55723
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design 8:00-5:00 Mon.-Fri.
FSE 8:30-5:00 Mon.-Fri.
Glendon 8:30am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm to 5:00pm Mon. to Fri. x66700
LA&PS 8:30-4:30 Mon. & Fri.
8:30-6:00 Tue.-Thur.
8:30-3:30 Fri. (Summer June, July, August) x55622
Osgoode 8:30-5:00 Mon.-Fri. x55401
Schulich 8:00-9:00 Mon.-Fri.
10:00-6:00 Sat.-Sun. x66356
UIT 8:15-4:50 Mon.-Fri. x55800