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Free Wireless Access

York University operates four different Free Wi-Fi networks. Technical details for each of these network may be found by clicking on the name of the network below:

AirYorkPLUS provides wireless Internet access to York community members featuring improved security, performance, convenience and mobility as compared to AirYork. Map of completed, in progress and upcoming AirYorkPLUS locations on Keele (PDF) and Glendon (PDF) campus. AirYorkPlus Logo
Eduroam provides wireless Internet access to visitors at York University, as well as providing Internet access to York community members visiting any eduroam - participating institution. Eduroam Icon
WiFi-Info provides access to information about Wi-Fi services available at York. Wifi-Info Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any potential health risks from Wi-Fi?

A: The following pages contain information from Health Canada and the World Health Organization regarding the safety of Wi-Fi.

Q: Is the old AirYork still available?

A: Yes the legacy AirYork wireless service is still available - see configuration instructions. AirYork provides wireless Internet access in locations where AirYorkPLUS is not accessible.

Updated on August 22nd, 2014.