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Air York

NOTE: AirYorkPLUS is now available in many buildings on-campus. AirYorkPLUS is easier to use and is more reliable than Air York.  UIT recommends that where possible AirYorkPLUS be used instead of Air York.


Air York provides wireless network connectivity to current students, staff and faculty at York University.

How do I get it?

  • Air York is available in all academic buildings, and most administrative areas on campus:

    Air York service locations

  • Air York can be used by connecting to the Air York network, opening a browser and signing in with a valid Passport York username and password.

How do I get help?

Air York Technical Information

  • SSID: Air York (note: capital A and Y)
  • Network Authentication: Open
  • Data Encryption: Disabled (note: not using WEP)
  • Network Type: Infrastructure mode (note: not ad-hoc)
  • A wireless adapter/card supporting 802.11g/n will work best with Air York.

Updated on July 4th, 2014.