Adobe Acrobat Pro available on WebFAS

UIT bulletin:

We would like to inform you that Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro is no longer supported by the vendor. UIT will continue to provide availability to the latest release of Adobe Acrobat Pro to faculty and staff via our virtual application delivery service, WebFAS. Starting Monday, January 29th, 2018, UIT is making a limited number of Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 licenses available on WebFAS at no cost to the community.

To take advantage of this offer and method of delivery, open a browser session, go to and follow the instructions on the service portal. You will be requested to download the Citrix Mac or WIN client if you are using the service for the first time.

There will be 180 concurrent connections via WebFAS available. However,faculty and staff can also opt to purchase their own version of Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017. To do so, please click on the following link: This is a one time purchase and it is a "per machine use" license with the product support to end in June 2022.

Did you know:

1. Most features of Adobe Acrobat can now be found or done in Microsoft Word? These features, which may be sufficient for the general community,and therefore not require an individual purchase a license of Adobe Acrobat Pro, include:

a. View and print PDF format.
b. Text search (convert PDF into Word document and search)
c. Create and edit file in PDF format (convert PDF into Word document, Edit and Save as PDF file format). This feature works best with documents that are mostly text.
d. Convert common file formats(Excel, PowerPoint, Word Web HTML) to PDF file format.
e. Print and Save as PDF file format from any Office product suite.

2. Microsoft Office 2016 is now installed on York owned computers, please visit for more information.

eduroam Expansion Announcement

UIT is pleased to announce that availability of the eduroam Wi-Fi
service has been expanded to include:

- all buildings at Glendon Campus
- the following residence buildings at the Keele campus:

Bethune Res, Calumet Res, Founders Res, Pond Road Res, Stong Res, Tatham
Hall Res, Vanier Res, Winters Res.

More information about Eduroam can be found here:

Please direct any questions of concerns to UIT Client Services
email: or visit

UIT Announce

NEW Anti-Virus Software Deployment: Monday April 25th 9:00 AM

York University is transitioning from the current Symantec Anti-Virus
solution to Trend Micro Anti-Virus. Support for Symantec Anti-Virus will
be discontinued as of April 29, 2016.  Other IT groups should be removing
Symantec Anti-virus; please contact your local IT support group.

UIT managed computers will have the changeover of Anti-Virus software
happen automatically.

If you:
*Experience any issues
*Have a Mac provided by York University
*Have an unmanaged Windows computer
*See that Symantec Anti-Virus has not been removed by April 29th
Please contact UIT Client Services for assistance.

Please direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services -
email: or visit

UIT Announce

Central Lotus Notes & MyMail Quota Increases

The Central Lotus Notes upgrades and the quota increases for both Lotus Notes and Central Mail (MyMail) users were completed yesterday, Thursday January 21st.

Lotus Notes current mail files quota is now 2GB and the Archive mail files quota is 5GB.
Central Mail quota is now 7 GB.

Please direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services -
email: or visit

UIT Announce

FREE Microsoft Office 365 software!

FREE Microsoft Office 365 software!

Classroom Technology Updates

Notice of AirYork Service Change: WEDNESDAY AUGUST 5th.

To Members of the York University Community:

Please be advised that as of Wednesday August 5th, 2015, AirYork will no longer be visible to Wi-Fi devices at any York University location. This means that when you enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or workstation, AirYork will not appear as a network that you can connect to for wireless network service.

Instead, please use AirYorkPLUS as it will provide you with a stronger signal, better performance, improved security, and more convenient one-time login. For instructions on how to configure your devices to use AirYorkPLUS, click the following URL:

This change has previously been implemented throughout the Glendon campus and some areas of the Keele campus. Those already using AirYorkPLUS are not affected. Devices that are configured to use AirYork will still be able to do so.

Free Antivirus Software for the York Community


UIT is currently reviewing the vendor agreement with respect to AntiVirus software distribution, for home and personal use. The license expiration prompt currently appearing can be ignored. The new agreement will be announced to the community and the software made available on the software distribution webpage before the expiration date.


Please direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services -
email: or visit

UIT Announce

Trend Micro Internet Security 2015 (Windows) and Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac 2015 is available at no cost to current York University faculty, staff and registered students during the academic year 2014-2015.

Clients are required to sign in with their Passport York credentials in order to download the appropriate packages for the OS platforms. Clients must also register with their York email address.

How do I get it?

How do I get help?

A new VPN client - Junos Pulse has replaced Network Connect.

A new VPN client Junos Pulse has replaced SSLVPN through Network Connect.

Please see setup details .

Please direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services -
email: or visit