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How To Connect Securely


NOTE: The SSLVPN service has been upgraded to version 8.0R1. There is now support for MacOS 10.9, Java 7 update 51, and Windows 8.

Secure remote access uses VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to create a more secure link between your computer and the York University network. This makes it harder for someone to intercept the data travelling between your computer and the York Network.

Because Secure Remote Access is required for accessing many services from off campus, you must first connect through the VPN and then follow the normal process for logging in to the service of your choice.

Even if you are connecting on campus, to AirYork, we recommend that you connect to the VPN thereafter.

How do I get it?

If secure remote access is required by a service you are accessing from off campus, you may be redirected to connect through the VPN (Passport York credentials are required) on your way to log in to that service. We recommend that Windows users use Internet Explorer to connect first to the VPN link below. After VPN has connected a secure link is created between your computer and the York Network, then you can use any web browser. If you have problems logging in, then have your Passport York password changed from Manage My Services.

How do I get help?

Updated on January 27th, 2014.