Notice of AirYork Service Change: WEDNESDAY AUGUST 5th.

To Members of the York University Community:

Please be advised that as of Wednesday August 5th, 2015, AirYork will no longer be visible to Wi-Fi devices at any York University location. This means that when you enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or workstation, AirYork will not appear as a network that you can connect to for wireless network service.

Instead, please use AirYorkPLUS as it will provide you with a stronger signal, better performance, improved security, and more convenient one-time login. For instructions on how to configure your devices to use AirYorkPLUS, click the following URL:

This change has previously been implemented throughout the Glendon campus and some areas of the Keele campus. Those already using AirYorkPLUS are not affected. Devices that are configured to use AirYork will still be able to do so.